Music Production


Our certified engineers skillfully mix music in a 3D space for unmatched clarity and emotional depth. Trusted by renowned artists across genres for delivering immersive listening experiences, we also offer record labels quick, top-tier processing of large track volumes to convert songs from the back catalogue into immersive formats. We provide our clients with an easy and comprehensible way to instantly evaluate their spatial audio productions anywhere and compare them to the stereo mix for final approval, eliminating the need for studio visits.


Given the intricacies of 3D audio, mastering is vital. Regardless of your experience with these formats, our services ensure your tracks are ready for optimum playback across all platforms, delivering the impactful loudness expected from high-end productions. We constantly adhere to the strict standards of Dolby and major labels.

Music Production

From conception to final release, our team of international experts plans, executes, and optimizes your music for both studio and live productions. We guarantee a meticulous process for a unique spatial audio experience, enabling you to deliver an emotionally engaging and sonically superior performance for your audience.


Arrangement can maximize a song’s potential. By fine-tuning the blend of musical elements, we enhance its emotional impact and message. Our team, comprised of skilled arrangers, multi-instrumentalists, and orchestrators, focuses on elevating the song’s immersive experience without compromising its artistic essence.


As passionate creators, we assist artists in song development. Our expert lyricists and composers collaborate with international artists across various genres, specializing in creating bespoke songs optimized for spatial audio.


Our acoustics consulting services are meticulously tailored to fit your unique needs, ensuring we provide comprehensive solutions that address your specific acoustic challenges. Leveraging our extensive experience and in-depth understanding of acoustic principles, we collaborate closely with you to understand your project requirements and design an acoustic environment that best suits your objectives. Our team of professional acoustic consultants brings a wealth of technical expertise and innovative thinking to every project. They employ cutting-edge technology to ensure exceptional results that exceed expectations. With our acoustics consulting services, you can rely on receiving expert advice and high-quality solutions to achieve the best possible sound quality for your project.

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